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meeting stuff reposted, i deleted the old post

When: TBD
Where: Joe's swanky apartment (inquire within if directions needed)
Why: Because we need to be organized and we're cool motherfuckers
Who: Anyone interested in participating in the MoS camp at BM2004

Agenda so far for the discussion:

---recruiting more statisticians (anyone else we might know of going to the playa who would be a positive addition to the camp), seeking non-camp people to volunteer to give surveys, possibly posting on the e-playa asking for volunteers

---having a schedule of times to work for statisticians and non-camp volunteers, maybe even starting to go public with this once we decide for sure

---more discussion on renting a vehicle/trailer to haul mos stuff out there, splitting the cost, researching prices, and any other possible transpo issues

---what to do for a MoS gift. Like a little pendant with our logo for instance.

---send blurb to for

---write/type out a tentative timeframe for accomplishing tasks that need completion

I predict this will be about a 30-45 minute discussion, all distractions (kittens, boob tube) aside. Afterwards, if we feel inclined, we could go out somewhere as a group, or possibly have dinner before/during the meeting.

Also, feel free to comment/edit this post to add/remove items. I volunteer to be the notetaker for the meeting, and will post results after we meet so that they can be discussed online.

ps. this is just to bounce ideas back and's not something anyone is required to be a part of. basically the first few will probably be brainstorming sessions where we go over what's been discussed online in this community already. don't feel obligated to attend, participation in these meetings doesn't mean a person can't be a part of the theme camp.
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