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Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 8, Issue 26
May 14, 2004

This Jack Rabbit is coming to you live from New York, with rabbits
Primo and Secundo 6,000 miles away from the playa, strengthening the
global strands of our community by hosting Burning Man events in
Europe. (While they are having a great time, and doing good work,
reports that Black Rock City will be the 26th member of the European
Union are, alas, premature.) New York is currently in the grips of
the Tribeca Film Festival, and it's lovely to see a whole city caught
up in an artistic event, with new art being shown seemingly in every
nook and cranny of lower Manhattan. We also have Reverend Billy's
weekly First Amendment flash mobs, and the Hungry Marching Band's
blockbuster happenings - so much art and interaction here lately!
This week we had a community meeting to trade energy with other arts
groups in the city. Reminds me of a place I know out west...

Back in Black Rock, new information about the theme, and the
different ways we can all plug into it, is coming at a fast and
furious pace - hopefully you saw our email earlier this week. Theme
art ideas are pouring in, and there are some new regs we should all
be aware of as we manage the balance of growth, community, vitality,
and self-expression. This is a year for big ideas, and we can't wait
to get out to the desert to see what you folks, the world's creative
minds, have got in store for us.

Are you drinking enough water? Never too early to ask...

TMB in 112 days! It's gonna be less than 100 before we know it. Are
we there yet?

=====================TABLE OF CONTENTS======================

- Ticket Update: $200 Tickets Sold Out
- Flambe Lounge May 23
- First 2004 Theme Art Posted
- New Sound Policy
- July Fire Arts Festival: Deadline Approaching
- Remembrance Plaque for Burners Lost
- How Clean is my Playa? BRC Passes BLM Inspection
- RVs: Cleanliness is Next to Re-Rentalness
- The Cat in the CHAC

- Explore the Desert - Free Leave No Trace Training
- PlayaChicken.Com Ticket Scholarship
- Burning Bellies
- Lost Penguin Wants You
- Calling All Burning Man Aviators

- "Gifting It" and Playa Fashion Show in Hawaii, May 14
- Bop Camp Fundraiser in Chicago, May 15
- "Confessions of a Burning Man" Opens May 14 in SF, LA


==================BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS======================



Greetings from the land of Tickets!

The following price levels are sold out: $165, $185 and $200.


$225 tickets are available for purchase at Walk In Outlets and

Tickets purchased online are being mailed in plain, unmarked white
envelopes that say InHouse Ticketing as return mail. We have received
a few reports of tickets being thought to be junk mail. Please pay
close attention to your mail! Also a big thank you for our Canadian
participants who purchased tickets online in March. The hard-working
crew at InHouse is in the process of mailing your tickets now. Info
must be entered by hand so it is taking a bit more work and time - we
thank you all for your patience.

We are thrilled to announce our WALK IN OUTLETS for 2004. These
fantastic folks have offered to donate their time and their stores to
help our community have a different way to purchase tickets. Please
remember these businesses are owned and run by members of our
community, we should treat them with understanding and respect for
opening their doors and helping out.

The Melting Pot
888 Virginia St
Reno, NV
Hours: Monday - Saturday 10:30 AM - 7:00 PM, Sunday 12:00 - 5:00 PM

Cheap Thrills
1217 21st St
Sacramento, CA
Hours: Monday-Thursday 10 :00 AM - 6:00 PM, Friday & Saturday 10:00
AM - 7:00 PM

1552 Haight Street (Upper Haight)
San Francisco, CA
Hours: Monday-Saturday 11:30 AM - 7:30 PM, Sunday 11:30 AM - 6:30 PM

Berkeley Hat Company
2510 Telegraph Avenue
Berkeley, CA
Hours: Monday-Thursday 10:30 AM -6:00 PM,
Friday and Saturday 10:30 AM - 6:30 PM, Sunday 12:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Outlets are selling $225 and $250 tickets. Outlet sales are CASH or
MONEY ORDER/ CASHIER'S CHECK ONLY - no other forms of payment are

Additional outlets will be announced here, on the website, and the
hotline (415-TO-FLAME).

All Mail Order tickets are now $250.

To order by mail, CLEARLY print your first and last name, mailing
address, contact info (either an email address or phone number), how
many tickets you would like to order and mail with payment (MONEY
ORDER OR CASHIER'S CHECK ONLY!!) to the address below:

Burning Man
PO Box 884688
San Francisco, CA 94188-4688

If you wish to have your tickets sent to you by secure delivery,
please clearly indicate so on your order and add an additional $10 to
your order.

Please remember the only tickets available for Mail Order are $250
and Low Income.

We are still accepting applications for Low Income Tickets. Go here
for more info:

For information on scholarship tickets, send an email to

Questions about an Online order? Go here and use the pull down menu:

Questions about Mail Order? Send an email to:

See y'all on the playa!
The Ticket Team



Burning Man Flambe Lounge Presents: Vault of Heaven
Sun, May 23, 2004 - ALL DAY in 2 Parts!

2pm-8pm, SOMA Park & Rec Center, 270 6th St. at Folsom
$5 all-ages; kids under 11 free!
Dress to express and invent a galactic game or interactive

8pm-2am 1015 Folsom (across the street with a new look, spirit and
attitude) 8pm-9pm Happy Hour $5 with proof of attending daytime
event; $10 in costume finery; $15 not. 21 and over

(Same link shorter: )

To volunteer, perform, bring theme-oriented art, a theme camp, or
videos/imagery, e-mail

We still have room for theme camps and wacky interactive games during
the day. We also have a few slots available for performers and DJs.
If you do work that especially relates to this theme, WE WANT TO HEAR
FROM YOU! E-mail us RIGHT AWAY because it's almost time to FLAMBE and
this is going to be OUT OF THIS WORLD!



The first registered Vault of Heaven art projects are now listed on
our website, with images. The 2004 theme is already producing some
exciting work - take a look!

(for those who can't click through the long URL: )



It's about that time of year when camps are forming and getting ready
to register, and we want to let you all know about our new sound
policy, so you can join our lovely sound art community at the 10:00
and 2:00 edges of Black Rock City if you want to rock out.

We ALL love the musical energy and diversity of BRC. However, sound
is one form of self-expression on the playa that cannot be contained.
(Sound travels everywhere, including to places where it's not always
welcome.) After considering substantial feedback from the community
on both sides of the issue, we are implementing some changes to our
sound policy.

As always, we place loud sound camps on the upper edges of our city,
at 10:00 and 2:00, with speakers facing out, away from the camps. A
wonderful community has evolved here, with large art installations
and interesting theme camps. We encourage all sound camps to seek
placement here - last year these edges weren't filled to capacity, as
some camps failed to tell us what their sound levels were, and ended
up being placed in the city within non-sound areas, causing serious
disturbances and creating animosity among their neighbors. In
addition, some sound camps didn't register at all, and set up in the
city on arrival, grabbing available land - A BIG NO-NO!!!! Please be
honest with us when you register, and enjoy the sound edges, where
you can play music without worrying about waking up the neighbours.

So what's new this year? To quote SeaDog, our Black Rock Rangers

"With the increased population and denser camping area we have to
take action to ensure that sound levels are within the acceptable
levels within our community. This year the Rangers will enforce the
100 decibel-300 watt rule for sound systems, and will disable those
systems that infringe on the experience of others. Art cars with
sound systems will be held to the same rules, and must cut their
sound when approaching art installations and performances."

When setting up your sound system, use the following guidelines:

1. Speakers must be raised off the playa surface.
2. Use only directional speakers and keep the volume below the 100
decibels at 25 feet standard. 3. Back your speakers with a truck, RV
or other object large enough to prevent the sound from traveling
backward. 4. BE NICE TO YOUR NEIGHBORS!!! Please turn down your
volume when asked.

And there you have it! We are a community based on self-expression,
sharing and respect. Whether you're an aficionado of earplugs, of
turning the volume to eleven, or both, please meet and befriend your
neighbors early in the week, before your differing hopes for 4 a.m.
Wednesday bring you together in less pleasant circumstances.

Keep in mind: ignoring sound complaints is unacceptable behavior in a
community, as is preventing your neighbors from sleeping. It's better
karma to turn down your sound than to have it disabled, no?



Burning Man and The Crucible present the most spectacular event to
showcase fire art and light art off-playa:

Wed through Sun, July 7-11, 2004
at the Crucible (

An art exposition celebrating and showcasing innovative works of art
incorporating fire and/or light, with workshops, lectures,
installations, and performances.

If you are an artist or performer doing innovative work with fire or
light, we invite you to submit your work for inclusion. To request an

Applications will be accepted until June 15th, but in order to be
included in advanced printed materials and considered for funding
assistance, we must hear from you by end of day May 23rd.


Wednesday, July 7th:
-Desert Art & Fire Art Preview lectures: 7pm-10:30pm

Thursday, July 8th: BRAF & CRUCIBLE BENEFIT
-Fundraiser Preview Gala benefiting The Black Rock Arts Foundation
and The
Crucible: Featuring fine foods & wines, special stage performances
and a intimate preview of the Fire Arts Arena 6:30pm-12am

Friday, July 9th:
- Youth Field Trip Day: 12pm to 3pm (scheduled in advance)
- Stage & Fire Arts Arena Performances: 8:00pm-Midnight

Saturday, July 10th:
- Classes and workshops: 11am-5pm (space limited, registration and
fee required)
- Family Daytime Crucible Open House: 1pm - 3pm with a Fire Arts
Arena showing from 3pm-5pm.
- Stage & Fire Arts Arena Performances: 8:00-Midnight

Sunday, July 11th:
- Classes and workshops: 11am-5pm (space limited, registration and
fee required)

If interesting in proposing a class, workshop, or lecture, please go
to the link and e-mail
completed forms to and enter in the subject line
of your e-mail, "Fire Arts Fest 04 Class Proposal"



Since 1996, Burning Man has created a plaque to commemorate members
of our community who have passed away. We would like to carry on this
tradition and honor those who have impacted our Burning experiences
and participated in making Burning Man happen. This is a call out to
you, our community, to please let us know of any burners lost who you
feel should be added to the Remembrance Plaque. Please send their
name, exactly as you would like to see it appear, to this address: (please DO NOT HIT REPLY to this JRS!!)

Look for the completed plaque at the base of the Man from Monday
(August 25th) through Friday (August 29th).

May they all continue on to the eternal playa...



Tony Perez aka Coyote, City Superintendent and DPW Czar of BRC, had
this to say earlier this week:

Even before I had discovered the glories of model airplanes and
county fairs, my mother had been drilling into me the importance of
appreciating the world's treasures and never taking anything for
granted. To take something for granted was to make it invisible.
Seems ironic, then, that amongst the most important things I've
directed in my life is to make Black Rock City invisible. And it
also seems ironic to have the Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
take our passing of the annual spring inspection for granted. They
didn't even care to measure the amount of debris found in the tested
areas, there was so little of it! (Just under one Ziplock baggie
full.) Interesting that the final goal of the literally hundreds of
sun fried, wind blown, man hours is to have BLM agent and conductor
of the inspection, Roger Pelham, simply give a firm handshake to all,
and say, "Once again you have made us proud." And that was that. But
I suppose that's the nature of a clean up manager's position. We
live on the opposite side of the spectrum where the greater our
success, the less visible our deeds. But that's true of so many
vocations, isn't it. You're not noticed until you're screwing up. So
Hail! Hail! to Black Rock City and all her citizens for once again
going unnoticed from October to August, and leaving no trace!! We
are still, and hope to always be, "The Magic Disappearing City".



It's never too soon to mention: Return your RVs in good condition.
It will help you AND the community. And ain't that what it's all
about, really.

To wit: one participant, who is having trouble finding an RV company
who will rent to burners, wrote in with this plea: "I was wondering
if you would put a little blurb in an upcoming JRS educating people
that the community is having a hard time mending fences with RV
companies that have been burned in the past, and that people should
spend the extra time and effort to return RVs in good condition."



This commemorative verse comes out of Seattle, where Burning Man
founder and executive director Larry Harvey recently made an
appearance at the Capitol Hill Arts Club:

A while back in the land of San Francisco
Before the dot coms and after the disco
A man named Larry stood on the beach
And said "Let's throw a party for all the nice freaks!"

They built them a man and made him 8 feet tall
And set him on fire and soon he did fall
They danced and drank under the moon
"We must do this again", they cried, "and we must do it soon!"

A full year passed and once again they did throw
The event that we came to love and to know
On the beach by the water and deep in the sand
The event known simply as Burning Man!

The numbers grew large and so did the fi-ya
So one year they packed up and left for the playa
Theme camps soon followed and set up their shops
From raging Santas to licensed fashion cops

The time soon came when I had to see with my own eyes
This land of enchantment under crystal blue skies
I gathered my glowsticks and my lucky green sock
I packed up the car and set sail to Black Rock!

I was greeted by a nun sporting a flaming pink beard
Who spanked my bare butt while onlookers cheered
I set up my camp and soon called it home
But it may have been a mistake to camp next to Thunderdome

I haven't slept in three and a half days
Both my memory and my pants have been lost in the haze
I have glitter in body parts that I didn't know I had
And I just saw a naked man who looks just like my dad

It's ninety-eight degrees and it's not even ten-thirty
I just took a shower and already I'm dirty
My eyes are encrusted and I have cracks in my toes
There are things in my nostrils the size of potatoes

Between starvation and water loss I'll finally be thin
And that last dust storm sanded off three layers of skin
With the heat and the grime and the noise and the crowd
And the eight hundred rave camps playing techno too loud
Any sane person would have to ask just why we are here
But all I can wonder is...
... when do tickets go on sale for next year?





Announcing our first Black Rock exploration trip and our annual LNT
training trip this for 2004! Both trips are limited in size. Email
me at if you are interested in attending either
trip! (Please be specific in your subject line - e.g. include the
words: LNT trip - so that I catch your email among the spam.

May 21-23 Friends of Black Rock/High Rock Trip to Fly Canyon
If interested in exploring the far reaches of the Black Rock/High
Rock National Conservation Area, Friends of BR/HR will be leading a
trip to explore Fly Canyon and search for glyphs with BLM on May
21-23. We'll meet at Soldier Meadow's Ranch on Friday night. Our plan
is to head for Fly Canyon to record the emigrant glyphs, then to the
wagon slide and potholes. Then in the afternoon, we'll head up
Slumgullion or nearby glyphs to record those and back to Soldier
Meadow's Ranch for a soak and dinner. Bring your own beverages and
lunches. On Sunday we will head for the Granite Range glyphs to
record those. Should be done by noon on Sunday. You must have
reservations to attend this trip, there are some costs associated
with staying at Soldier Meadow's ranch and for the BBQ on Saturday
night. The trip is limited in size and priority will be given to
members of Friends of Black Rock/High Rock - so please join!

June 12/13 Leave No Trace Train the Trainer Backpacking Trip
This is our annual in-depth training focused on the LNT principles
and how they apply to Burning Man. It's also a great chance to meet
other Burning Man participants and swap ideas for this year's event.
We'll explore one of the Wilderness Areas in the Black Rock
Desert/High Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. You will be given
a topic and help teach the class. You're also required to have fun.
On completion you will be certified as a LNT trainer and handed a
frothy and refreshing beverage. Your mission will be to spread the
Leave No Trace word to other groups in Burning Man communities.

There will be a limited number of spots for participants. Please sign
up for the course only if you are sure that you can participate.
There is no charge for this training - it is sponsored by Burning
Man. If you are interested, please email me at
ASAP. We'll need to close registration for the class on May 15! For
more details, check

To see pictures from last two years, check out:

General info:
(web site is being revised, so come back and visit us in a couple of



The folks at are thrilled to announce the Third
Annual Ticket Scholarship! In a tradition dating all
the way back to 2002, will be giving Burning Man
tickets to at least two -- and maybe more -- deserving lifeforms. The
scholarship is intended for people who absolutely cannot afford to
buy their own ticket, yet will make the playa a better place for all
of us once they are there.

This year there are two ways to apply for the scholarships, depending
on effort and creativity the applicants are willing to put into their
submission. More information can be found at There is a hard and fast deadline for
entries of June 30, 2004, so don't delay!



Hey everyone out there, Spanky here of the Cafe Performance team.
Some of you may have been lucky enough to be in the Center Camp Cafe
at 5pm on Friday of 2002 for the Belly Dancing Invasion, and others
of you may have been fortunate enough to Belly Dance in the event
itself! If you missed it, it was a great thing. Well, never fear!
We'd like to do it again this year. I had to take a year off, but
we'd like to do it again. 5pm on Friday seemed to conflict with a
bunch of other things, so maybe we'll have it at 6pm instead, either
way, if you or someone you know belly dances, wants to belly dance or
is just learning to belly dance, AND they're going to Burning Man
this year, it is imperative that they get in touch with me :) by
emailing bellies at burningman dot com. We need belly dancers of all
styles and skill levels, we need belly dancing musicians, we need
coordinators, we need lots of help so if you'd like to be involved in
the most whimsical, exotic, guerrella-belly dancing event on the
playa, you must email me! Maybe you know a belly dancer, maybe you
have a troupe of 100 belly dancers; spread the word and let's get as
many people involved as we can! We'll have a ton of fun and maybe
this year, we can meet for the group photo afterwards that got dusted
out last time. Hope to hear from you soon!

Cafe Performance



Hello from The Lost Penguin Theme Camp-

Our Esplanade/Theme Camp tribe is in a period of great transition.
We've had significant attrition over the past few years, and are
keenly interested in gaining new tribespeople. While our existing
membership consists of folks from L.A. to S.F. to the Midwest, East
Coast, and Canada, our main center of operations is in the San
Francisco Bay Area.

We would like to sound the call far and wide to any who would like to
join our comparatively luxurious, 5-time, well-known and loved theme
camp: come on down!

Email cryingbunnies(at) and we will get it on.



If you are a pilot, planning or hoping to land at the Black Rock City
Airport this year, we need you to become part of the Burning Man
aviation community. There will be changes in the Airport operations
as a result of last year's accidents. You need to be aware of the
changes, and learn how to be a good neighbor to our fellow Black Rock
City denizens and other desert visitors. Your input is welcome to
improve safety and create a fun, but well-run Airport.

To take part in on-going discussions, join the email list by sending
a message to:

If your bandwidth is limited, you can receive just the important
announcements by sending email to

You should also join the announce list if you are an ultralight
pilot, hot air balloon pilot, glider pilot, powered paraglider pilot,
or intend to go hang gliding, or paragliding during the event.

The Black Rock International Airport has space for several more theme
camps. We also have space for art installations at the Airport/Harbor
Port of Entry, as well as along the road leading to the Port. Contact for more information.


==================EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS=====================


All these happenings and more are on our YEAR-ROUND CALENDAR. Check
it out to find (or post!) upcoming events in your city.



Ka Pilina, the Burning Man Hawaii Regional Group Presents:
Ka Pilina at The Arts at Marks Garage, May 14th

The first Hawaii showing of the Burning Man documentary "Gifting It"
Special Guest Harley Dubois An introduction to Ka Pilina by Andi, the
Hawaii Regional Contact A Playa Fashion Show

Friday May 14th, 7:30-10:30 pm (doors open at 7 pm) at the Arts at
Mark's Garage, 1159 Nuuanu Avenue, Honolulu Admission is $10, $5 if
you wear a playa costume and Participate in the fashion show

For more information contact or visit



BopCamp Presents: The Burning Ball
Saturday May 15th @ The Texas Ballroom
3012 S. Archer, Chicago IL
7pm to 2am
$5 Suggested donation

Come join us in celebrating a new Chicago community as we raise the
energy to make all of our elaborate and preposterous playa plans a

The Burning Ball is a camp fundraiser with Chicago's best performers
and musicians - and you're invited! Everyone is encouraged to
participate, bring toys and dress crazy. Imagination required.

For Your Visual & Tactile Enjoyment -

Performances: Spunn & The Mother Booty
Body Painting: Kavin Skinner (
Healing: Carla Starla
Message: Iat and Mark Lerro
Manipulations: Melissa Zvan

On The Gallery Walls -
Projections by: Dan Layne & Nathan Peck of RookPeck TV Illuminated
Recycled Art by: Aaron Benedict Photography by: Wandereye

High-Test Smoothie Bar with fresh fruit +
Giant Teeter-Tauters
A Peep Show
And much much more!

The Music Line Up

7:00 to 8:00 - Lou Dooben - Phamily Gathering (Afrobeat dub) 8:00 to
8:30 - Just Kevin - (Bass Guitar and live PA) 8:30 to 9:30 - Alkaloid
(quasi-ambient organic housebreaks) 9:30 - 11:00 - Dino- Rear Earth
(House) 11:00 to 1:00 - 1000 Vertical Feet (Techno Electronica) Live
1:00 - close - Superdevious of Equulei

For info & directions check out:,,


CONFESSIONS OF A BURNING MAN opens Friday May 14th in Los Angeles and
San Francisco.

Laemmle's Fairfax Cinemas
7907 Beverly Blvd. at Fairfax, West Hollywood
12:45,3:00,5:20,7:40*,9:35 *Filmmakers present for Q&A

4 Star Cinema
Clement & 23rd Avenue, San Francisco
Check papers for showtimes


================ON AND OFF THIS CRAZY LIST==================

Email us or any time with questions. Email by 2 PM PST on Tuesday for post
requests. (We don't post all requests, however.)

For questions:

Old rabbits:

On and off this ride - DIY:

If you are trying to unsub and it doesn't work, please send us an
email and give us as much information as possible. Are you sending
from a different address?

You'll get an email to which you must respond to complete the

Cabe Franklin
Office of the Jack Rabbit
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