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Subject: [themecamps-announce] TC ANNC #2, '04/ Eplaya/ Camp sizes/Plazas/ Newbies
From: "Harley K. Dubois" <>
Date: Fri, May 21, 2004 4:43 pm
Priority: Normal
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Hi Theme Campers,

These announcements will help to answer frequently asked questions
and educate you and your camp mates on new issues for this year.
Please pass them along to your group. If you have an announcement
that you feel may be appropriate for this audience, please email us
with a submission request.



Are you interested in getting people to help you with your project?
Do you want advice from people who have done a theme camp before?
Would you like to network with other camps? Check out the eplaya :

This is your community tool for discussion, sharing resources, and
hopefully making your dreams come true!



There is a limited amount of space for theme camps to be placed in.
Depending on how many people register we may not be able to fit
everyone. For this reason we must ask that you consider a few
factors while planning for Burning Man. Please weigh wether your
camp size or your preferred location is more important. You may
chose to limit your numbers if your placement is your first priority.
Remember, you always have the option to not be placed and find a spot
further back in the city. Be prepared to make adjustments as
necessary and let us know when your plans change by emailing us at

FACTS about our process:

1. We assign space in relation to the amount of people and stuff
within a camp. Take time to consider the footprint of all structures
including cars and tents to determine what size space you need.
Camps vary so much that one standard size does not work for any
amount of people. As the questionnaire indicates no camp, even the
largest yet to register at our event, can possibly get more that a
600' x 400' size plot. It is reasonable to expect that no theme camp
will be given this amount of space in a given year if there are no
huge camps with need. If you do not give us an accurate guess of
what your needs are we will estimate ourselves based on the
information your questionnaire provides. We prefer to use your
estimates over ours.

2. In order to give as many camps possible great placement Esplanade
frontage (the first street in our city) will be relatively small no
matter how large the camp. Living space behind the Esplanade can
broaden out to accommodate more living space as needed.

3. Groups placed in Center Camp will have a maximum of 25 people in them.

4. Many groups have proposed taking over a plaza for their theme camp
or village. This is not possible. Plazas are community spaces
designed for civic use. The plaza space is to be shared by all
participants and not be dominated by any one group. Plaza placed
camps will have no more than 20 people in them.

5. You will not be placed if you do not submit a map and clean up
plan by July1st. Turn them in to the addresses list on the web site:

6. As always we will place truly interactive camps in higher profile
more choice spots. Camps that want placement solely for the ease of
arrival will not be placed.

7. We discourage people from feeling ownership over any part of the
city and encourage people to be open to change.

Does this information change what your questionnaire submission says?
If so contact us at and we will adjust
your information in our database.



As a placed theme camp there is an expectation of excellence in your
camp and your demeanor. Do your utmost to live up to the Burning Man
standard of radical inclusion by being warm and friendly to everyone
that visits your camp. Embrace a newbie! If you see some one in
Black Rock City who appears to be new and not understand the culture
that we all seek to foster, embrace them, make an effort to bring
them along. Some regional groups are having "newbie nights" were
they introduce first timers to some of the things they can expect at
Burning Man. If your camp has a high percentage of new people
perhaps this idea will work for you as well.


Next announcement - KIDS at Burning Man and more!

Thanks all!

Harley and the placement staff
Harley K. DuBois
Black Rock City LLC
Community Services and Playa Safety
415 865-3800, ext 103

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