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Dear Campsters,

Have you gotten all of the announcements thus far? This is number 5.
Every one is different and has important information for you and your
camp mates. If you need any of the past announcements let us know.
Email and we will get you up to speed.

If you need additional information about any aspect of your camp
please do not call or email me directly. I no longer hold all of the
answers and can not handle the amount of email sent my way. Email Our team of placers has all of the answers
for you!


They are due in by July 1st if you want to be mapped! Please get
them into us on time.


Please send in your information in the methods described on this URL:

Does your camp involve adult materials or acts? If your camp has
subject mater that is not appropriate for minors, PLEASE take
measures to make sure that they can not view it. We are a family
event and we need to be respectful of our youth. Additionally, the
law enforcement that has a presence at our event are particularly
concerned about this issue and may be looking for camps that are not
making efforts to respect our families and minors.

****Something new for 2004! All camps with adult activities should
plan to have a guard out front whenever necessary to keep minors from
entering. Please read the article that will be coming out in our
newsletter in the next month for more information on this topic.
Also, we will be contacting many of you individually.


In order to hold our event on federal land we must comply with a
number of rules and agreements established with the Bureau of Land
Management and local governing agencies. They are called
stipulations and are, in fact, seen as laws by the government for the
duration of our event. Any violation of these can result in heavy
fines and/or a denial of future permits for holding our event. We
inform you of the stipulations that affect you by way of our Survival
Guide, web site, electronic newsletter and announcements like these.
Fireworks and rockets, public showers and pools, burning of toxic
materials, anything that can damage the environment(temporarily -
like digging holes larger than 6" or spray painting the playa
surface, or permanently - like creating burn scars) are a violation.
Please keep this in mind as you make your camp plans. We have and
will send out an announcements that gives specifics on some of these
topics. In the mean time read the web site and the back side of
your tickets.

Additionally, the organization has discovered that there are some
basic common sense rules that some people need reminding of. We have
had to formalize these rules to preserve safety and avoid hardship.
There are no dogs allowed, no unauthorized driving, no vending, and
most importantly no interfering with the experience of other people.
Be considerate of your neighbors.


And now a word from our own Hotties on the playa, the DMV!

"Howdy Themecamps!

There are many changes afoot with the BRC-Department of Mutant
Vehicles this year so we wanted to make sure that you were all aware
the changes, as well as our expectations, for Burning Man 2004.

This web page contains the criteria for this year, as well as a link
to the pre-registration form and lots of useful information,
including all guidelines!

PRE-REGISTRATION IS MANDATORY this year. The deadline for
pre-registration is July 15, 2004.

Mutant Vehicles & the Gate: The DMV will be contacting Mutant
Vehicle owners to let them know if their vehicle is invited for
on-playa inspection or not. No mutant vehicles will be allowed past
the gate if they do not have an invitation. Any towed vehicles
without the DMV invite will be impounded at the gate.

Enforcement: It's a reality this year. Unlicensed vehicles WILL be
impounded if they choose to disregard our No Driving policy and
threaten the continued existence of Mutant Vehicles as mobile
expressions of art on the playa.

Sound Policy: Mutant Vehicles will be expected to follow the same
guidelines as Theme Camps.

Any questions should be directed to dmv@burningman. com.

Thanks for helping to get the word out to your camps!
your BRC-DMV"


That's it for this week!

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