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Subject: [themecamps-announce] TC ANNC #3, '04/ Resource Guide/Bikes/Deliveries/Media
From: "Harley K. Dubois" <>
Date: Fri, June 11, 2004 12:14 pm
Priority: Normal
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Hi Campers,

It is time for another batch of information to absorb and pass along!



Have you gotten your map and cleanup plan into us yet? It is time.
Remember, any camp that does not turn these in will not be placed.
The deadline is July 1st.

Clear aerial drawings of your camp that give us a good sense what you
are using your space for are needed. Good economy of space will be
rewarded! A genuine concern for leaving no trace and a demonstrated
plan for cleaning up will also help with placement.

Are you unsure as to how to write a clean up plan? Please read the
following URL. It has what you need:

In addition we hope you will consider these things while making your plans:

1. Clean as we go, recognizing that any trash or MOOP (matter out of
place) can blow
away or be buried at any moment.
2. Assign a crew to grid your camp (walking shoulder to shoulder in a
line to cover every inch of your playa home) and do a sweep of your
camp daily.
3. Clean more than just your camp. Take care of any trash left behind
by others.

When you complete your map and clean up plan you can submit them one
of four ways:

1. Send your map URL in an email with the camp name in the subject
line to Include your camp name in subject

2. Email Clean Up Plan only to (NO
ATTACHMENTS!) Please include your camp name in the subject line.

3. Fax Map and Clean Up Plan to 415-707-2168

4. Send plans via US Mail to:

Burning Man/Theme Camps
1900 3Rd Street, Second Floor
San Francisco, CA 94158
Fax: 415-707-2168



Have you checked out the resource guide that was put together
especially for theme camps and villages? It gives answers to some of
the most commonly asked questions for campers. It tells you about
dogs, generators, bikes, sound, etc. You should really know this
stuff so check it out!



So, you are bringing your own bike mechanic with you to help support
your camp this year right? If so, they are automatically part of
our bike guild and we are encouraging everyone on the playa to treat
them like gods! As a guild member we are going to have a special
meet and greet early in the event. It will be announced in the What
Where When and will be in Center Camp. We are encouraging all bike
guild members (all bike mechanics in Black Rock City) to share
resources and information and help support our pedal powered citizens
to their fullest.

We will not have a bike repair camp in Center Camp this year, so come prepared!



If your camp must receive a delivery from the outside world on the
playa you must clear it with the Gate crew and manage the process
yourself. You will need to meet the delivery at the Gate and escort
them to your camp and back out of our city again. A credit card will
be required of the driver before he is allowed to enter our city.
One ticket per passenger will be charged to it. If the delivery
vehicle leaves the city with in four hours the charges will be
reversed. Cash will be accepted instead of a credit card. If
someone from your camp is not at the Gate when your delivery arrives
they will be turned away.

We recommend you:
1. Prepare your delivery driver to ask for you at the Gate when he
arrives. Give him as much information as possible about what to
expect upon arrival.
2. Travel to the Gate before your delivery is due and introduce
yourself to the Gate staff. Wait for your driver.
3. Escort your delivery in and out.

The Gate staff will LOVE you for this!



Does your camp want to be interviewed by the media? Media Mecca makes
sure that all members of the media know that they must ask for
permission to do interviews at theme camps. They also make sure that
the media knows many camps may not want media attention. However, if
you desire the attention, just let them know. They will send the
media your way.



Thats it for now!

Harley K. DuBois
Black Rock City LLC
Community Services and Playa Safety
415 865-3800, ext 103

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